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Implant Placement

For people with missing or severely decayed teeth, dental implants can be life-changing. By restoring comfort and confidence in everything from eating and speaking to simply smiling, dental implants help patients return to a better quality of life.

Dental implants can sometimes be confused with artificial teeth, when they are actually one component of a restorative dentistry procedure. Dental implants specifically are titanium screws inserted into the jawbone in places where teeth have been removed or fallen out. These screws serve as new roots for a dental prosthesis to be permanently attached to later, such as a crown (which is an artificial tooth) or implant-supported dentures.

Because they act as tooth roots in your jaw, dental implants offer a host of advantages over other restorative appliances like dentures or bridges. Specifically, dental implants stimulate the bones in the jaw to create a strong, durable foundation for artificial teeth, preserving your facial structure and preventing the deterioration that results from missing teeth.

Implant Placement at Norman Smile Center

A healthy mouth is more than just a pretty smile; it’s essential to a lifetime of good overall health. If you have one or more missing or severely decaying teeth, dental implants could be your answer to better health and a better quality of life.

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